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If the internet was a country it would be the world’s sixth seventh biggest polluter.4

Together we can reduce the carbon footprint of the websites we create and therefore the internet as a whole.


What is the

The is a series of developer resources, blog posts and long-form case studies that help to inform the developer community and encourage action to make the web greener and more sustainable.

With more knowledge on which tools, web hosts and coding practices are more sustainable, the aim is for developers to use this knowledge to improve on the current state of the web.

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Why be a sustainable developer?

There are over 1.9 billion websites live on the internet1. All those websites have to be stored and loaded from a physical server somewhere in the world. With the average size of a web page now at over 2mb2 - that's a massive amount of data being sent and received across the internet.

Sending and receiving data takes processing power. Processing power uses electricity and produces heat. Electricity is *still* being generated from fossil fuels more than it is from renewables3.

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Are you looking to work with a web developer with green credentials? Do you want to make your own website more environmentally friendly but you're not sure how? Browse our directory of sustainable developers to work with on your next project.

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