Articles to increase sustainability awareness

A list of some in-depth reading materials related to sustainability and the carbon emission problems around the globe.


Apple: Environment

Apple: Environmental Progress Report (covering fiscal year 2019)

Apple: Product Environmental Report (2019)

BBC: Climate change: Should you fly, drive or take the train?

BlackRock: “A Fundamental Reshaping of Finance”


Carbon Brief

Carbon Engineering

Carbon Fund

Climate Desk

Climate Leadership Conference

Covering Climate Now



Eco Act : The glossary of carbon neutrality.

EPA: Emission Factors for Greenhouse Gas Inventories (2018)

EPA GHG Emissions Calculators


GoClimate: The Carbon Footprint of Servers (2019)

Gold Standard

GOV.UK: Greenhouse gas reporting: conversion factors 2019

Greenhouse Gas Protocol



I Fix It: “Fixers Know What ‘Repairable’ Means—Now There’s a Standard for It”

Inside Climate News

Let My People Go Surfing By Yvon Chouinard (2016)

Los Angeles Times: Electric scooters are good for the environment, right? Here’s why it’s not so simple (2019)

Low Tech Magazine

Lyft Blog: Lyft Commits to Full Carbon Neutrality and 100% Renewable Energy (2018)

Microsoft will be carbon negative by 2030

Mindsets for Sustainability: Exploring the Link Between Mindfulness and Sustainable Climate Adaptation by Christine Wamsler and Ebba Brinka

Patagonia: 2025 Or Bust: Patagonia’s Carbon Neutrality Goal

Patagonia: Our Footprint

RMI: Rocky Mountain Institute

Salon:  Planes, trains or automobiles: What’s the most carbon-efficient way to travel? (2017)

Signal V. Noise: Towards carbon negativity (2020)

Stripe: Stripe’s first negative emissions purchases

Sustainability: an ERM Group company

TEDxCharlottesville | Joel Salatin | Cows, Carbon and Climate (2016)

TEDxDanubia | Michael Shellenberger | Why renewables can’t save the planet

The New York Times The Daily: Can Corporations Stop Climate Change?

The Verge: There’s a new label to vet brands’ climate change pledges


TREC — The E-Bike Potential: Estimating the Effect of E-Bikes on Person Miles Travelled and Greenhouse Gas Emissions (2019)

Vox: Sucking carbon out of the air won’t solve climate change (2018)

WholeGrain Digital: If we can do it, so can you

World Health Organization: “Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

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