Posted to Blog on August 3, 2020

Delivering WordPress in 7kb

Yup, you read that correctly. It is possible to deliver WordPress in as little as 7kb. Jack Lenox created an experimental bespoke WordPress theme called Susty, alongside using other page weight saving methods and managed to load a WordPress website in this tiny amount of bytes.

Susty is an example of taking sustainable design techniques to an extreme. I’m not suggesting that we should all start building websites with this exact method. But I do think sustainability should be a much higher priority in the web design industry. It’s good to think about saving any kilobytes we can, and to think in terms of kilobytes rather than megabytes. – Jack Lenox

While Jack doesn’t recommend this as a framework for production sites, it certainly shows how WordPress, which many perceive as being rather bloated, can in fact be very slim and loaded incredibly quickly, given the right methods.

Read the full article on how Jack managed to deliver WordPress in 7kb in his Blog. You can also check out the theme code on Github.

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