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Are you looking to work with a web developer with green credentials? Do you want to make your website more environmentally friendly but you're not sure how? Then browse our Directory of wonderful folk and find a sustainable developer to work with.

radicalzz network Green hosting icon

Adrián Cobo


Grafreak Green hosting icon

Antonio Cambronero


Blogpocket Green hosting icon

Julien Wilhelm

Eco-responsible web developer & Consultant in digital sobriety

Julien Wilhelm | Awebsome Green hosting icon

K Gan

Juan Hernando


Vertixe Green hosting icon

James Clover

Freelance Developer

We Work Nights Green hosting icon

David James


Djgd Green hosting icon

Jon Gibbins

Digital accessibility and sustainability consultant

Dotjay Ltd Green hosting icon

Tom Bale

Web Developer

Eric Smith

High-performance website design and development

Double Brace 1% For The Planet logo Green hosting icon

Fershad Irani

Website Performance Consultant

Fershad Digital

George Hieron

Web Developer

Hannah Smith

Freelance WordPress developer

Hannah Smith Green hosting icon

Hayley Yates

Account Manager

Fiasco Design

Henrique Doro

Lighter, greener & more effective sites for businesses

Sam Lihou

Full Stack Developer


Jacob Wood




Jay Collett

Designer & Developer

Jay Collett Freelance Design & Development

Jordi Garcia Codina

Co-Founder & WordPress Developer

Bicicleta Studio

Laurent Devernay

Trainer B Corp logo

Liam Crean

Owner / Director

And Then Some Green hosting icon

Boris Butaeye

Art Director

Light. Green hosting icon

Marta Torre

Freelance fullstack web developer

Nahuai Badiola

Freelance WordPress developer

Nahuai Badiola Green hosting icon

Nathan Waelkens

Creative Solution Architect

Soilit Green hosting icon

Nele Kempenaers

Olivier Acosta

Project manager


Orlan Villa

Diseñador web

Orlan Villa Green hosting icon

Peter Rod

UX/Product designer


Peter Thomas



Derek Salmon

Web developer

Pikselkraft Green hosting icon

Dan Hinton

Creative Director

Pixelfish Green hosting icon

Rachel Pellin

Web developer

Webtopie Green hosting icon

Richard Bairwell


Bairwell Ltd Green hosting icon

Richard Sanderson

Designer & Developer

Kiln Graphic

Rob Migchels


BePublished Green hosting icon

Ross Wintle

Creator, Engineer, Advisor

Oikos Digital Ltd Green hosting icon

Rouven Hills

Systemic Designer

Rouven Hills

Sandy Daehnert

Freelance UX/UI designer

Green the web 1% For The Planet logo Green hosting icon

Sebastien SOLERE



Sophia Benhaddou


Stuart Nelson

Frankie Bushell


Studio Otto

Nick Lewis

Creative Technologist

The 1% For The Planet logo Green hosting icon

Fermín S. López


Tarteka Media Koop. Elk. Txikia

Tom Greenwood

Managing Director

Wholegrain Digital B Corp logo 1% For The Planet logo Green hosting icon

Victor Laplace

Web developer

Green hosting icon

Jose Angel Vidania

Web Designer & Developer

VdeVidania Green hosting icon

Wadim Baslow

William Hibberd

Digital Director

Intercity Green hosting icon

Yaacov Cohen


Good Impact

Yesica Ochoa