Chris Plummer

Digital Strategist & Development Partner at Freestyle Internet Services

Hello, I'm Chris, a freelance web developer since 1996. I was fortunate enough to witnessed the World Wide Web in its infancy and to have participated in its evolution. I have always held the firm belief that good development practices lead to websites that are easier to manage, faster to load, and more accessible to a broader audience. An added benefit of this approach, which has been gaining recognition recently, is the sustainability of well-developed sites. If we give careful consideration to the content used and ensure buy-in from the client, we can make websites much more sustainable in the digital sense. Aside from my passion for web development, I also have a deep love for nature and conservation. For many years, I have volunteered in various conservation projects. The past four years have seen me help run a local nature reserve in Bedford, an experience that has been fantastic. I'm particularly interested about the concept of digital sustainability, as it blends my professional life with my personal passion for conservation. It's a perfect way to bridge my day job with the nature-focused work that I love. If you're looking for a development partner, someone to brainstorm with, or just need advice on sustainable digital practices, please don't hesitate to reach out. I'm here to help and would love to contribute to shaping the web in a more sustainable way.


WordPress Development and Site performance, Website Sustainability, Core Web Vitals, Technical SEO




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