Stewart Fowler

Digital Director at DRUM Studios Ltd

DRUM Studios is a digital and motion agency with an emphasis on accessibility and digital sustainability. At DRUM, we believe everyone should have equal access to the information online. We strive to create a truly inclusive world wide web that produces less carbon emissions. Not only do we think it’s the right thing to do but, considering the spending power of disabled people and their families alone is valued at £249 billion a year in the UK, and combine that with the 79% of consumers who are changing their purchase preferences based on the social responsibility, inclusiveness and/or environmental impact of products, there is a clear business advantage in delivering accessible and sustainable goods and services.


Low Carbon Web Development, Accessible Web Development, Digital Sustainability Audits, Digital Accessibility Audits, UX, UI, Mobile App Development, Brand Identity, Graphic Design, Motion and Video Production, Digital Marketing.


Farnham, Surrey, UK


Uses green hosting