The HTTP Archive 2022 Web Almanac now includes sustainability

Just launched is the 2022 Web Almanac, which for the first time, contains a whole section on sustainability.

From the over-arching hypothesis, interlinked environmental and social issues, to how to measure a web page’s impact and reduce it, the sustainability section of the 2022 Web Almanac is a great new resource.

Lots of work has gone into this, with many contributors. Many of which are within the Directory.

The almanac contains a lot of information and is something you will want to take some time to read through and digest. It offers great comparisons between platforms, tools and CMSs to help determine which option might be the best for your project.

I’m also really happy to see that it contains a link to one of the resources on here, how to Reduce the weight of your typography with Variable fonts, which is one part of their section on fonts.

View the almanac

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